If You Are a Student, Cheap Living is Key to Survival

Most students do not have the good fortune of having millionaires for parents and thus depend on their meager allowance to juggle the expenses associated with studying and the unavoidable parties around the campus. It’s a constant struggle and one needs to tighten belts more often than splurge in the luxury of abundance. So, if you are a student, cheap living is a must.

For a student, cheap living may not come easy. But, rest assured, once you start and get the hang of it, it becomes easy. It even becomes easier once you start enjoying the fruits of your efforts.

Here are some ways of penny pinching that a student ‘cheap apprentice’ is required to know and practice:

Avoid mobile phones if you can use the internet for free. Mobile phone bills eat up a big chunk of a student’s allowance. Most of these mobile expenses are not even necessary, especially if you can use the internet to make phone calls or send messages. Yes, the mobile phones are a lot more convenient, but they are usually more expensive to use. So, when making a choice over convenience and a plumper wallet, I do hope you choose the latter if you know what’s good for you.

However, if you feel you must use a cell phone, at least choose a good value mobile plan. Mobile plans are usually designed to give the consumer as much savings as possible to entice them into getting one. So, make sure you know your options and choose one that caters best to your needs at the lowest possible cost.

Learn how to cook and use your kitchen. Most student apartments have kitchens that lay dormant like abandoned closets. Go to the supermarket and buy vegetables, fruits, and produce. They are so much cheaper and a lot healthier compared to the fast food junk most students subsist on.

If you need software, check the campus for student prices. Many software companies offer special deals for educational purposes.

Speaking of student deals, before you buy anything, you should find out if there is a student discount. It never hurts to ask and you just might save a few bucks.

Buy used books. Prices of new books are outrageous. To become a frugal student, cheap used books are vital. Keep in mind that used books in the campus book store are no bargain. Here is a tip I learned a few years ago. When you know which classes you’ll be taking, see if you can contact your professor several days before class starts (get the email from the campus directory). Ask which books you’ll be using during the term. Then, go to Amazon or a similar site and look for used books. You can find some real bargains. The reason you want to find out before class is that you don’t want to compete with all your classmates who will be looking for the same books (and grabbing the cheaper deals first).

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