Inexpensive Living – Tips for a Cheaper Lifestyle

Here I am again with another installment of tips. I called this post inexpensive living, but the truth is all the titles refer to the same general idea, which is to become a cheap living master. In future tip posts, I’ll sometimes focus on specific areas such as travel, groceries, high-tech items, etc. Today’s tips are:

1. Use your public library – Libraries are wonderful places. They are filled with books, magazines, and many other publications that you can read for free. Most libraries also have free internet access. When I go on a road trip, I always look for the public library in whatever town I’m passing through. That’s how I stay connected with my online world. One way to save money using the library is to try to read all your magazines there. It will save you the cost of the magazine and you won’t have all of them piled up in your house. You should use your local library as often as you can, because your tax dollars are paying for it.

2. Buy a used vehicle – New car payments take a huge chunk out of your monthly salary. And, the interest you pay causes the cost of the car to double by the time it’s paid off. If you do the proper research, you can find a reliable used car for much less money. One reason is that a new car’s value starts dropping the moment it is driven from the lot. I owned used cars for 32 years and finally bought my first new car in 2004, but I paid for it in cash. No interest payments for me, thank you. Interest payments are the enemy when it comes to inexpensive living.

3. Use mass transit when feasible – If you can take a city bus or subway for your trip, then you should. It not only saves you money, it’s better for the environment. I realize in the US it’s not always that easy to do because some areas don’t have mass transit. I also know that sometimes you really need your vehicle due to time constraints or you need the ability to carry passengers and cargo. However, it’s also true that many people just drive out of habit when they don’t need to. If you are going somewhere by yourself and mass transit is available, you should take advantage of that opportunity.

That’s all I have for this segment. I hope you can use some of these inexpensive living tips to help you with your quest to spend less. Live cheap and prosper.

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