Cheap Wood – Help Save the Planet with These Money Saving Ideas

Wood is a perfect accessory for a warm and cozy space. The resulting ambiance may be relaxing but the cost is definitely not one to feel good about. However, if you are willing to go the extra mile and willing to do the work, cheap wood can certainly be had.

Here are some of the sources for cheap wood that may be readily available in your locality.

Woodworking establishments, lumberyards and lumber mills – all of these businesses deal with wood; cutting, polishing, and shaping them. From all these processes that wood go through in order to achieve the end product, it is bound to produce discards, cutoffs, and such other waste materials that may still be useful for your purposes. So, go and befriend a guy from these businesses and you just might be given a next to nothing price for perfect looking wood.

Flea markets and yard sales – furniture of all kinds, mostly made of beautiful rich hardwood, are sold in these venues and you just might find the perfect one that you can use for your little project.

Renovation and Demolition – if you hear of possible renovation or demolition jobs in your neighborhood, it’ll do you good to pay attention. Check out the area and if there are any good finds, make it a point to volunteer and ask the owner or project manager if you can have a first pick of all discarded wood.

Construction sites – if crude cheap wood is what you are looking for, construction sites are usually full of it at certain phases of the project. Construction scaffolding is usually made of wood that most often ends up in the burning pile.

Finally, do not forget to browse the cheapskates’ online treasure troves – and, among others. You can almost always find really good free or cheap stuff from these sites. So, check out your local listing and you just might find a good pick.

The best thing about these sources of wood is the idea of going green by recycling. You don’t just save money, you also save a tree. So, go green and grab that recyclable cheap wood.

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