Discovering Cheap Travel is Essential to Cheap Living

Gone are the days when cheap is shameful; now, cheap means sensible and practical.  Finding good value for money is no longer limited to grocery and restaurant coupons. It now extends to cheap travel.

Cheap living means living more. When you are prudent about spending, you’ll have more to spend. Spending holidays abroad is now an option. It is only a matter of utilizing careful planning and easy cheap tricks to get the most out of your dollar.

The major spending factors when traveling are the following: airfare, accommodation, food, and transportation.

Airfare – With a great deal of research, you can get unbelievable deals from airlines.  First; compare prices.  Budget airlines do not always have the best deals so it pays to shop around.  Second: book early. You will not believe the discounted prices airlines are willing to give to ensure filling up their future flights. Third: book directly with airlines in order to avoid service charges from travel agents. Fourth: pack light.  Avoid extra charges for excess baggage.  Remember, some shopping is unavoidable along the way, so you want to make sure you have extra room for purchases in your suitcase.

Accommodation – Hotels are expensive.  For a cheap traveler, a hotel may not be a good option.  However, advance booking may do the trick to get a substantial discount. Also, a good alternative to hotels are hostels.  If bunk beds and smelly backpackers are your idea of hostels, you better do some quick research.  Hostels are now more polished.  Although dormitory type rooms still occupy a great portion of hostels, private en-suites are now available options for the more discriminating traveler on a budget.  These rooms are sometimes 50% less than what you will pay in hotels.

Food – Restaurants are one of the biggest tourist traps.  The best way to avoid them is to make a quick scan of the menu and make sure that the prices are within your budget. Small, popular eateries are normally cheaper than large, fancy places. Grocery shopping is the best way to save on food, because the prices in the grocery are usually half the cost of those in restaurants.

Transportation – The best way to save on transportation is to walk.  This will not only help you lose some calories, it will also introduce you to the best possible way to appreciate the sights.

Cheap travel is not as daunting as you may think it is.  It only takes research, planning, and some will power on your part.

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