Cheap Spain – More than Just Free Tapas!

Spain has it all. Romantic history, architectural grandeur, picturesque landscapes, and the people there certainly know how to party! This is the place to be. Although la Espana may be a little costly compared to other backpacking destinations, cheap living in Spain is not impossible. Read on to discover cheap Spain without going cheap on the experience.

Flying to Spain. Book your air ticket at least three weeks in advance for lower prices. Don’t forget to compare prices; airfares vary depending on the issuer, so shop around first before making a booking.

Going around Spain. Unlike other destinations, buses are the way to go in Spain. They are substantially much cheaper, allowing you to hop from one city to another for less than half the price of trains and for a shorter travel time. When in the metro, such as Madrid and Barcelona, travel underground and use the metro system; it’ll save you money and it’ll bring you to almost every must see area in the city.

Accommodation. Youth hostels are your best bet. They are cheap and clean for less than 20 euros. You can also share accommodation with your travel buddies to lower the price of a room.

Eating and Drinking. When doing cheap Spain, a full lunch is a must. Order the menu del dia or the menu of the day, it is usually the cheapest; with two courses for one cheap price, it’ll keep hunger away for a long time. You won’t have to part with precious bucks for a costly dinner. When in Granada, enjoy the drinking and eating two-way treat. I’m referring to the free tapas that come with every drink ordered.

Cheap Spain is free Spain. The architecture in Spain is simply amazing and awe inspiring. So, you don’t have to spend money to experience the heart of this lovely country; all it takes is a whole lot of enthusiasm and a comfortable pair of sneakers for an easy stroll.

When in Barcelona, visit the famous landmarks of Montjuc & Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya and La Sagrada Familia. If you happen to go on a Sunday, the museum is free. Stroll along surreal Parc Guell of the famous Gaudi or relax in the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella and marvel in its version of Arc de Triomf and its many fountains; entrance to both parks is free. Get some sun and take a dip at the man-made Barceloneta Beach. Take a walk along the shore and be pleasantly (or not) surprised by a nudist area somewhere along the way.

Madrid has many famous museums that you can enjoy for free on special days of the week. Museo de Reina Sofia has free entrance hours most days of the week while Museo del Prado is free 6 evenings a week. Don’t forget to visit the always-free Museo Tiflologico (Museum for the Blind) and appreciate art through your hands and not your eyes! Visit Palacio Real on Wednesday and enjoy Madrid’s royal palace for free. Can’t afford to see a live bullfight? Compensate with Museu Taurino, a free bullfighting museum, and get a feel of this exciting and deadly sport.

This country in plain sight is already amazingly beautiful. So, make the most of what cheap Spain has to offer and experience it for free. That is, by walking around and taking in the sights!

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