Cheap Shopping – Tips to Save Money when making High-tech Purchases

This installment of cheap living tips deals with buying devices in the category of technology. I know we all like to have the newest and best, but maybe you should think twice:

1. When it comes to high tech items, never buy the latest gadget right away – wait 5 or 6 months until the prices come down. An added benefit is you’ll hear more about the product and may decide not to buy it at all based on reviews. I always buy my personal computers from discount stores. The model I buy has usually been on the market for 6 to 12 months. I’ve never paid more than $800 for a new system (monitor and printer included) and I’ve always been happy with my purchases. Of course, if you really need the latest gadget for business reasons, then go for it. But please, don’t just buy those items to show off or you’re in danger of being a wannabe.

2. Be patient when possible – If you don’t need to make a purchase right away, just keep a lookout for specials on the item you want. I usually try to plan ahead. For example, I knew I would need an additional hard drive and some blank DVDs for my computer in the coming months. So, every Sunday I checked the store ads for specials on those items. On the third Sunday of looking, I found the deal I wanted on the hard drive. There was also a nice deal on DVDs at the store next door. I went out that day and made both purchases. Now, see number 3, because it’s related.

3. Only buy what you need – When you go to the store, ensure you only buy what you came for. Don’t buy something else that you may want. Save all your wants for another time and maybe you can get them on sale, as well. Merchants love for you to come in for one of their specials and end up buying something else that is overpriced. That is their marketing strategy.

4. When you buy a product that has rebates, always follow through with it – I know there can be a tendency to be lazy about rebates, because they are a pain to deal with. But, if you don’t process them through, you are throwing away money. Be sure to do the rebate paperwork before you even open your purchased item. That way, the item will be your reward for finishing it. Also important: if you haven’t received your rebate within the specified time, contact the rebate company and get it straightened out.

As always, I hope you get something out of my tips. Later this week I plan to post an article about *gasp* credit cards. Until then, live cheap and prosper.

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