Has the Price of Housing Got You Down? Here is a Quick Guide to Cheap Rent

Can’t afford your rent? It’s high time to explore cheaper options.  Houses with cheap rent rates do exist, it just takes a little research, a few compromises, and some exploration in a nearby locality to find one.

Hit the streets
Drive around neighborhoods that you prefer to live in but with a realistic recognition of your budget limitations.  Neighborhoods with smaller houses have a better chance of turning up a house with cheap rent.

Take note of houses with “For Rent” signs and list down the numbers.  You can also take a few pictures to remind you later of how they look. When you are satisfied with your finds, go home and make some calls. Once you have the rent prices and other pertinent details, you are now ready to make a survey of the houses that fit in your budget.

Hunt for ads
Check out your local newspaper and community classifieds for rental ads. If you have a local college or university, check the school’s bulletin.  Students get the cheapest rates so it pays to visit neighborhoods near colleges and universities.

Scout online
Check classifieds online such as Craigslist.  Houses for cheap rent are posted daily so frequently visit these sites if you are on the lookout for cheap deals.

Share your rent
If you know of a friend who is also in the market for cheap houses for rent, consider renting together and splitting the cost.

Consider moving to another locality
Rents in nearby localities may be cheaper. Check out online sites dedicated to comparing rent prices between cities or localities. True, you may need to wake up much earlier to get to work, but the savings you’ll get for your sacrifices may be well worth it.

Ask for a rent adjustment
The credit crunch is affecting everybody.  Your landlord may be sympathetic to your plight and may give you the much needed rent reduction if you only ask.  Some landlords are more than willing to make rent adjustments than face the possibility of losing a good tenant.

Have these little tricks in mind and spare a little patience in your survey for cheap rent.  Your efforts will pay off sooner than you expect.

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