Cheap Memory – Where to Find Storage at a Fair Price

Data storage can be as inexpensive as you want it to be. Cheap memory is now easy to find given the multitude of sources for low cost computer related products. Now, you don’t have to spend big money to acquire storage; all you need is a little patience and a few tricks to obtain the best deals available.

When looking for cheap memory, like any other commodity, price comparison is an indispensable habit every cheap living adherent must have. In this age of online shopping, you don’t have to actually go to your local retailers or stores to compare prices; all you have to do is to connect online and use search engines. There is just no excuse not to compare prices.

Google’s is one of the most reliable search engines online. It is easy to check out the products, whether by price range, manufacturer, size, or several other criteria. The results are a number of online retailers or sellers with their respective prices. Now you can find cheap memory of various types for your computers, cameras, or phones, all in just one click. is a great place to find bargain memory modules/cards/sticks, or any other techie stuff you may need. This site offers daily specials which puts on sale different types of products everyday for a fraction of its original price. Also, among its many options, it offers refurbished products at really low costs. Their products are labeled new or refurbished, so you won’t get confused which is which.

Another good site that carries bargains in the technical arena is You should compare prices at this site, as well. Just click on the link below, then enter the product you are looking for in the search box. If you type in a general product, such as memory, you’ll be presented with thousands of products. However, you can narrow down the choices using the boxes on the left side.

Note of caution: When looking for cheap memory or any other device, you should be careful when buying from an unknown source. There are knock-offs to almost anything branded. Selling fake products is a practice that is rampant in parts of Asia. I bought a Transcend memory card which carries a lifetime warranty, but the place I bought it from only gave a 6 month warranty. It was actually a replica and the card stopped working after several months. So, you can’t just rely on the brand name when making a purchase. Ensure that the retailer, store, or seller you are buying from is legitimate. Also, make sure that all products you are buying come with warranties to ensure that you have a recourse in the event that the product is defective or damaged.

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