Need a Drastic Change? Try Cheap Living in Other Countries

Have you ever considered living in a country with a lower cost of living? Cheap living in other countries is definitely an option to help lower your expenses. This episode of Cheap Living Tips will provide you a few insights about living in theses types of countries.

Of course, in order to have a lower cost of living, you’d need to move to a country where the average person doesn’t make a lot of money. In this article, I will focus on Central and South America and the Philippines.

First, here is some general information that applies for cheap living in any country:

1. Avoid tourist and resort areas – prices in these areas will be prices for foreigners.

2. Live like the locals – if you try to live like a king, you may find it’s not so cheap.

Central and South America
Most people from the US who decide to live in another country to save money will choose Mexico. One very good reason for this has to do with location. While Mexico does have a lower cost of living than the US, it is the highest cost compared to all the other Latin countries. For example, if you compare the cost per square meter for property, Mexico is not only the highest, but it is also 4 times the cost of Ecuador. In all countries south of the border you can get goods and services for less as long as they are local goods. If you insist on buying American products or other imported goods, you will pay premium prices.

Cheap living in the Philippines is very easy to accomplish as long as you follow the simple rules above. Try to avoid luxury items, because they are expensive. Be conservative with utilities, because they aren’t cheap, either. For example, the monthly electric bill for a small 3 bedroom house without an air conditioning unit was $120. If that same house had central air, the bill would be close to $300, because in the Philippines the more utilities you use, the higher per unit cost you’ll pay.

As I stated earlier, if you live like the locals, you can live cheaply. I supported a house with six residents for about $900 per month. However, I know another individual who lives in the Philippines with his wife and four children and this guy spends over $3000 each month. He must be trying to live like a foreigner.

This information is provided to give you an idea of how you can manage cheap living in another country. I only provided general information and some examples. If you have some experiences with living in other countries you’d like to share, please do. Live cheap and prosper.

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4 Responses to “Need a Drastic Change? Try Cheap Living in Other Countries”

  1. I recommend to anyone interested in living cheaply and with more spirituality, to see the film, Lost and Found in Mexico.
    It is quite compelling.
    It talks about Mexico, but really is about moving to a third world country–any country.
    Joni Gordon

  2. Thanks Joni… your comment is insightful. Many people in third world countries are very spiritual, as well as, very family oriented. I believe it’s the only way some of the people can survive the hard times.

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