Cheap Land– Does the Government Really Give Away Land for Peanuts?

There are various options to acquire cheap land. One option you may have heard of is the Homestead Act. Have you ever seen an online advertisement trying to sell you information about how to get cheap government land? Here’s the lowdown on that.

If you have read about online sites claiming to have information on cheap homestead land for as low as $1, you should hold on to your money because the homestead act is no longer operative. In fact, the Homestead Act was repealed as early as October 21, 1976 (1986 for Alaska).

Government owned land, or commonly known as public land, is not common in the real estate market. There are stringent requirements before public land is eligible for sale to private persons, one of which is to serve a public objective or a common good. Clearly, a condition not easy to comply with. When public land is in fact sold, it is sold at market value. So, investing in public land proves to be not such a good idea, especially for those who are on the look out for cheap land.

Although homesteading and public land is no longer in the picture, there are numerous ways to get a hold of cheap land whether from the government or private persons. Read on to find out some of your options.

There are some government-owned lands that are up for grabs at significantly reduced market prices. This is usually real estate that was seized as a result of an IRS-Criminal investigation or non-payment of taxes, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and such other law enforcement efforts of the government. These lands are auctioned off to the public at very affordable prices and manageable payment terms. Check out the following sites for auctions and more information:,,, and

For private-owned lands, check out for an extensive free listing of low cost land all over the US. Also, take a look at, an auction site for rural and undeveloped lands that are offered at cheap prices; take note that the bidding is not on the total value of the land but on the down payment; once your bid is accepted, negotiate easy payment options and bring cheap living to another level!

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