Cheap Kitchens – Give Your Kitchen the Expensive Look for Much Less!

A house can never become a home without an appealing and cozy kitchen. If you are planning to sell your house, impress your visitors, or simply give your family a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for your daily meals, a good kitchen makeover is the way to go to achieve these goals. If cheap living is your lifestyle or spending is a big concern, read on to discover a few tricks for a cheap kitchen makeover.

1. Freshen it up with a coat of paint. This is an indispensable trick to cheap kitchen face lifts. You will be surprised how a fresh coat of paint can achieve a dramatic effect to your dreary kitchen. The stains, food splatters, and grime that accumulate on your kitchen walls and counter tops may seem invisible to your used-to-it-eyes, but they sure are one of the major culprits for your kitchen’s drab and dingy appearance.

2. Change knobs, switch plates, and cabinet handles. These three may look innocent enough to the untrained eye, but new replacements – which will cost you less than $20 – of these kitchen accessories will brighten up the surfaces of your kitchen from the walls to kitchen cabinets. You can even play with the colors of knobs and handles as well as choose decorative switch plates for a playful, rustic, or elegant feel.

3. Cheap rugs to liven the kitchen floor. Pretty rugs on the kitchen floor will not only add character to the kitchen but they also enhance its homey and cozy vibe.

4. Cover it up. If your kitchen equipment and appliances look old but still work fine, you don’t need to buy new ones to achieve your dream kitchen makeover. Replacing your counter tops and worktops will do the trick. This will cover your appliances just fine and will give your cheap kitchen a tailored and upscale look.

5. Buy used, but maintain quality and beauty. If your appliances are better off in the dumpster than in your kitchen, you don’t have to break the bank with new replacements. Check out stores selling used but quality appliances. The Used Kitchen Company is a good place to start looking for branded but cheap kitchen appliances.

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