Cheap Italy – When in Rome, Spend Less than the Romans Do

Italy is a must itinerary for every budding world traveler. It is a must see destination for the architecture aficionado, the history buff, and the gastronomic connoisseur. In short, it has everything that a traveler of varied interests will find appealing and fascinating. Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or living off of your trust fund, you’ll find a version of cheap Italy to your liking.

Let’s start with the basics: airfare and accommodation.

Cheap airfare to Italy is most possible for the early bird than the last minute shopper, thus booking your flights months in advance will save you a few hundred bucks. Also, to bag not only cheap flights but to give your euro more buying power than usual, avoid tourist rush during the summer high season. Your best bet is spring season in the months of April, May and June; the weather is perfect and you don’t have to fight your way among the throng of tourists and the escalating prices that go with it.

For accommodation, hostels are still good value for the money. Check out the Italian Youth Hostel Association at for valuable information on cheap accommodation. However, if you are traveling with a group of fellow travelers, renting out a villa or apartment is a much cheaper alternative; it’ll give you more room as well as a kitchen that will allow you to prepare cheaper meals.

In keeping with the cheap living tradition, here is a list of free things you can do while doing cheap Italy. As mentioned in the previous blog entries, there is nothing cheaper than the freebies! Here are just some of the things you can do in Rome for free:

Walking tour. Rome is meant to be explored and discovered on foot. Spare yourself from the expense of guided tours; you can cover the same itinerary by yourself for free!

You can’t visit Rome without laying eyes on the Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Trevi Fountain; don’t miss these Roman must sees because – thank the gods – they are all available for free! If you are skimping on your euros, you don’t have to get inside the Colosseum, its façade can be seen for free and it makes for a good photo opportunity. Take a hike or ride bus #15 to the summit of Gianicolo Hill for a fantastic view of the city; on the way, pass by Trastevere, a rustic neighborhood of cobbled streets and experience the Rome of old.

Love museums but don’t like paying admissions? Then schedule your visits to include the last Sunday of the month because Vatican Museums are free on this day from 8:30 to 12:30. Also, if you happen to be in Rome one September night, it can be your lucky White Night (locally referred to as La Notte Bianca) where a all night street party is not the only thing to enjoy but museums remain open all night long for free as well.

Finally, cheap Italy will not be complete without learning a few cheapskate’s favorite phrases. Look out for gratuito or gratis for free of charge; ingresso libero for free entrance; and ridotto for discounts. With these Italian phrases and a few others, you just might charm an Italian local to give you some more freebies!

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