Cheap Houses – Buy a Dump and Make it a Home

Planning to buy a house? Now is the perfect opportunity. The housing market is experiencing such an unprecedented decline that prices are practically going down to unbelievable rates. You are now in for the deal of your life, because the options available for cheap houses have never been better.

Okay, you may not still be able to afford that gorgeous house you have your eyes on.  But, you can certainly afford to buy a less than perfect one and make it a gorgeous home.

The following tips will help you find cheap houses that can be turned into the house of your dreams or a perfect investment opportunity.

Appearances are deceiving
Houses that look like they are way beyond their prime – dump like – sell dirt cheap.  These houses can be disheartening at first look, but if you look past the peeling paint, loose rafters, and missing knobs, you will be able to see the house’s potential.  Carefully examine the house and make sure there are no major structural issues and no major repair is needed.  If the house’s structure turns out to be sound, a little sprucing up can do wonders to this dump.

Compare Locations
A house’s worth is primarily influenced by location. Check out property listings for the entire metro area and seek out a trustworthy real estate agent.  Check the price range of different types and sizes of homes.  This will give you an idea of how much a particular house costs and which locations will provide the best value.

Compare Prices
Now, visit the neighborhoods you’ve chosen and look for cheap houses. For each prospective house you find, check out the property listings of similar homes in the neighborhood. If they have a substantially higher value than the house you are interested in, you might have found a potential treasure.

The market has an ample supply of cheap houses.  It only takes a little research, an analytical eye, and an active imagination to find the perfect fit for your budget and preference.

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