Ultimate Cheap Living – A Cheap House Will Save You Thousands of Dollars

Why will you choose an expensive alternative if you can save thousands of dollars living in a cheap house? In this difficult time, cost cutting has never been more imperative.  A cheaper house can significantly reduce your expenses beyond your expectations.

Reasons Why You Should Choose a Cheap House

Primarily, because of a lower mortgage. When you pay a lower mortgage, you’ll have extra money to devote to other necessary expenses. Your family’s monthly operating costs become more manageable and you don’t have to sacrifice other essentials to make ends meet.

A cheap house also means lower utilities.  You don’t have to pay extra electricity for lighting and heating or air-conditioning for all the extra, unused space in that expensive house.

Also, if you have a more expensive and bigger house, the temptation to buy furniture to fill up the extra space is just too great to fight off, which means more expenses and additional burden to your budget.

Finally, if in the future you become better positioned financially, it is easier to sell an inexpensive house, because more people can afford to buy it. There are currently a large number of people with higher priced homes who are having trouble selling them. A cheaper house will definitely be easier to sell during a recession.

Cheap Tips

First, define your budget.  Cheap is relative to your family’s income.

Second, identify the places that you want to live in.  Be as specific as possible and take into consideration the distance of your target areas from your job, your children’s schools, grocery stores, hospital, etc.  If you will have to spend too much on gas or transportation going from your house to your ‘must go to’ locations, your cheap abode may turn out to be more expensive than you realize.

Third, determine how much space you need and how many rooms you require.  Smaller houses tend to be cheaper.  Thus, if you will not normally use the extra room or den, you can do away with those and choose a smaller but significantly much cheaper house instead.

Fourth, check out the property listings, either online or via your trusted property agent. Visit the houses whose descriptions correspond to your requirements and preference.  Before finally deciding to contract the house, make sure to make a dry run first. Stay in a nearby inn or hotel and check out if the goings on in the vicinity is to your liking.  This will give you a good idea of what it’ll be like to live there.

A cheap house may be the answer to your financial woes.  Start looking for one now using the above tips and tricks and you might just find the perfect house that matches your budget and your family’s needs.

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