Cheap Grocery – Spend Less Every Time You Shop

Shopping for grocery eats up a bulk of every household’s budget.  For the unsuspecting shopper, grocery can certainly ruin a budget.  However, if you know how and where to find cheap grocery, you will spend less every time you shop.

Check out the following tips:

1. Buying in bulk is not an absolute rule.

Buying in bulk is a great way for you to save money and time.  However, it is not always a good thing.  If you are not careful, the mistaken notion of savings on bulk buying may cause you to spend more. Dry goods and staple items are the best candidates for bulk buying. These are basic and indispensable items that you and your family use or consume frequently.  Otherwise, you will be wasting money on items that you only use sparingly, because they will probably end up stale or rotten in your pantry.

2. Discounts are for savings and not for spending.

Discounts, like bulk buying, can be a trap for your money when shopping for grocery.  Discounts can have a gravitating force attracting shoppers towards items they don’t really need.  So, arm yourself with a shopping list to avoid unnecessary items which you would otherwise be tempted to buy upon seeing the red discount mark.

3. Be a member.

Grocery stores offer membership to frequent buyers that will entitle members to a fixed discount every time you shop.  Some stores require minimal membership fees, which are negligible in view of the discounts they offer.  The savings you can get from these membership-only offers can be rather substantial when added up.

4. Use coupons.

Coupons are free and they are a great way to save money. Spare a few minutes cutting away coupons and you will be rewarded with cheap grocery.

5. Find online deals.

The Internet can be a treasure trove for discounts and coupons on grocery items. There are stores that offer special coupons exclusively online.  Thus, it pays to check your favorite grocery stores online and find out some sweet deals available.

6. Go generic.

You can buy cheap grocery without sacrificing quality. Some generic goods are comparable to the quality of branded ones. They just don’t spend millions on advertising and promotions; so, they don’t have to mark up their prices to cover the costs.

Take note of these simple cheap grocery tricks next time you are in a grocery store and spare your budget from going bust. In the next post, I will share information on how to find discounts. Stay tuned and you’ll be practicing cheap living before you know it.

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One Response to “Cheap Grocery – Spend Less Every Time You Shop”

  1. Thank you for a very instructive post. I was clueless about saving cash through grocery coupons or online shopping, but now that I’ve tried it, I can testify it really works. Now I save about $50 to $80 a week on groceries and other expenses by shopping online at coupon sites like And that’s not counting the free shipping I often get from the discount deals. I have also taken note of your suggestion about going generic. I realized that I was hooked on brand products because of mass advertising. This will definitely save me more money in the future. Thanks again!