Guide to Finding Cheap Flights from Any City

There is no single formula for finding cheap flights from city to city.  The right strategy may vary depending on the place of departure as well as the destination.  Also, whether the flight is domestic or international can also have a significant impact on your search methods.

Membership perks

If you are a frequent flyer, membership in frequent flyer miles promotions will do you more good than you can imagine.   It will not only give you access to lounges and free food, it will also give you substantial discounts or deals not available to non-members, as well as points for every booking that can be accumulated for free flights later on.

Perfect timing

It pays to remember that flights are not priced uniformly throughout the week.  Prices vary depending on the demand.  Good timing is the key to bagging the cheapest deal possible.  The middle of the day, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are best times to schedule your flight.  These are the days of the week and time of the day when demand is the lowest, thus, prices are also cheaper.  Business travelers usually prefer Mondays and Fridays as well as early morning flights, so better stay away from these schedules as they are significantly much more expensive.

Airfare websites

There are several online sites that make shopping for the best airfare deals a lot easier. However, you should take note that not all of these sites are the same.  Some sites are better than the others in fetching the cheapest deal around.

If you are looking for cheap flights from your place to any international destination, claims to have the best deals around, because they specialize in international travel. I used the site many times to search for fares and I didn’t find any great deals. You might want to check yourself, because maybe I just had bad luck. Your best bet is to search several sites until you find the best price. will search many for you all at once.

Find out which airlines serve your airport

If you are taking a domestic flight, it is more practical for you to check out the nearest airport from your place of residence. Remember, the nearer the airport, the bigger your savings on taxi fares and travel time.  Check out the airlines serving the airport of your choice and take a look at their respective websites.  These airlines may offer cheap deals on their websites that are not available to airfare websites.

The key is to shop around. Check at least three booking alternatives before you finally make up your mind.  Cheap flights from your city to any destination are possible and big savings can be had — all it takes is a little research and patience on your part.

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