Cheap Electricity – Reduce Your Monthly Bill and Help Save the Planet, Too

Have you noticed that you’re paying more than twice as much for your household’s electricity consumption compared to less than 5 years ago?  You may be surprised to know that escalating electric bills are not, in fact, caused by rising prices.  There is only one culprit and that is, inefficient electricity usage! Abolish the culprit and cheap electricity will be within your reach.

It may not be apparent at first, but you are actually using less than 70% of the electric consumption you are paying for.  Imagine how many hundreds, even thousands, of dollars you can save every year if you put a cap on your household’s energy wasting practices.

The following tips are simple and easy to do. Once these are incorporated into your household routine, you’ll be shocked at how cheap electricity can become with such little effort!

Turn it Off

There is actually an “off” feature in all equipment, devices and appliances – use it!  Most of the household appliances are left running without anyone using them because of the typical “I’ll-be-back-in-a-jiffy” habit.  You may actually be back in less than 10 minutes time, but think about the 10 minutes you’re wasting electricity and money.  If accumulated in a year, you’ll be surprised with how much money you have thrown down the drain.

Standby Mode is not Off Mode

Standby mode is like putting the appliances in off mode because they are not actually being used, right? Wrong!  When appliances are in standby mode, these unused machines actually use up 90% of the electric power as when they are on.  Now think about your TV, VCR, stereo, etc. that are left in standby mode 24/7! No wonder cheap electricity is nothing but a nostalgic concept in your household.

Power-save it

If you are too lazy or too forgetful to regularly turn off your household equipment and appliances, do yourself a favor and invest in power saving devices.  These are devices that automatically turn off equipment or appliances immediately after they are switched to standby mode.

Make Small Adjustments

Adjusting your heating system one to two degrees lower or your air-conditioning one to two degrees higher will not affect your comfort but will save you over 5% on your electric bill.

Do the Efficiency Make-over

Use energy efficient CFL bulbs and LED spotlights to replace your energy wasting incandescent light bulbs and halogen spotlights.  Replace your appliances with energy efficient alternatives. Look out for energy efficiency stickers on these appliances.  The initial cost may be a little expensive, but you can easily cover the costs with your electric consumption savings.

Cheap electricity can be easily achieved with the above steps that take so little effort from your end.  Remember, you are not only helping yourself save on money, you are also helping the earth by saving a depleting resource.

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