For a Cheap DVD Purchase or Rental, Follow these Tips

Do you watch movies like bookworms devour books? If you do, then aren’t you lucky!  Cheap DVD is more accessible and affordable now than ever before. Check the following tips and be on your way to movie heaven.

If you are a serial downloader – wink – then you are in need of blank DVDs.  Numerous retailers, such as Best Buy, usually have regular weekly special prices and promotions.  Find out which days these promotions are usually carried out and time your blank DVD shopping on these days.  Stock up on these cheap blank DVDs so you’ll never run out.

If you are the rental type, I have even better news for you. You can actually rent a cheap DVD without leaving the comforts of your own home. Choose from tens of thousands of DVD titles, and keep these DVDs for as long as you want without paying overdue fees!  This is possible with the right rental companies you can find online.

Netflix, Blockbuster, and DVD Avenue are just some of the many online rental companies that can offer you these amazing rental deals.  You can choose from various options of rental plans that you can customize to match your movie preferences.   You can receive the titles for as short as 1-2 days and you won’t have to worry about shipping fees because these are already included in your monthly fees!

If you are a more traditional type when it comes to renting out movies, take a walk or drive around your neighborhood and check out local rental stores.  Choose one that can offer the best possible deal on cheap DVD.  Rental price is just one of the many factors you need to consider.  More than the price, choose a rental store that has extensive title selections.  Remember, cheap rental fees become insignificant if you find out that you have seen most of the movies in their collection. I always used Hollywood Video and I would sign up for their one month plan. Call me crazy, but I would watch 30 movies in one month for around 16 bucks. Then, I’d wait several months to buy the plan again after they had stocked up on new movies I hadn’t seen. It may be hard to find one of these stores now days, because it seems everyone is going the online route.

Finally, if you are the serious movie collector type, there are online bargain sites that can offer you amazing deals for cheap DVD purchases.  You can check out eBay for both new and used titles for less than $5 dollars.  Amazon is also a popular choice, albeit more expensive.  Columbia House DVD is also another excellent choice; if you are a member in Columbia’s club, you will not only have access to its member’s only selection, you will also enjoy big discounts to boot.

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