Cheap Checks – Honestly, the Cost of a Check Should be Next to Nothing

If you think that online banking and credit card payments are the most popular ways of paying bills now days, you’d be mistaken. According to Check Payment Systems Association, more than 60% of consumers in the US are still mailing checks to pay their bills. If this is the case, costs of paper checks can really add up and can eat up a portion of a household’s budget. This makes a search for cheap checks a must for cheap living devotees like me.

Before you let your local banks charge you double the amount for checks you can find cheaper elsewhere, check out the following ways on how you can save on checks and where to find them.

Cheap checks are available online. When you buy checks online, you can get the same paper personal check for a fraction of the price offered by most local banks. However, be careful not to get carried away with offers for special or personalized designs because they come with a price. No matter how a check looks, it still serves the same purpose; so, you don’t have to pay extra money for appearances sake. is one good place to buy checks online.

Check out big retailers for a good bargain. The king of cheap, Wal-Mart, also has its version of cheap checks. In fact, last time I checked, Wal-Mart has a multitude of check designs that range from standard designs to Disney characters starting from as low as a little over $5 per box. Checks unlimited and Costco are also other popular choices for inexpensive checks.

Cheap checks will save you a lot of money but will not sell you out. They also come with reliable safety features similar with checks issued by your local bank such as micro-prints, water marks, and the like designed to protect the issuer from theft or other forms of fraud.

Also, remember that there are banks offering free checks or they sometimes offer promotions for cost-free checks. As we mentioned in previous articles, there is nothing cheaper than free. So, inquire at your banks and check out if you can bag a check sans the fees!

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