Cheap Bus Tickets – Tips to Save Money on Mass Transit

Going intercity or interstate by land? Ditch the car and take a cheap bus. You won’t be doing the driving and you get to relax while enjoying the landscape and change of scenery as you pass by one area after another. If you are a cheap living advocate, then bus travel is indispensable.

Traveling by bus is no longer much of an ordeal as you might think. Most buses are better equipped for passengers’ comfort. In fact, you don’t even have to give up your connectivity to the world wide web when traveling by bus since most of the modern bus lines have incorporated free wi-fi to draw the traveling crowd.

Greyhound is an institution in bus travel in the US. For most parts of the country, it still remains to be the best option. However, when it comes to other destinations, cheap bus tickets abound as offered by other discount lines such as Fung Wah, Bolt, and Megabus. In fact, Megabus boasts of a ticket fare for as low as $1! It just goes to show that shopping around is the way to go.

Whether booking from Greyhound, Fung Wah, Bolt, or Megabus, cheap bus fare can be obtained if you book your tickets way in advance and if it is done online. Discount cards and passes are also a good idea, especially when you are always using buses as your form of transportation. If you are a student, always bring your ID and make use of your student discount. Greyhound even offers a substantial discount, as much as half the price, to a student’s companion. So, check out some of these deals and enjoy big discounts.

Finally, there also exist discount websites dedicated to finding the best deals in bus tickets online. Check out NeoTravel and GotoBus to compare prices and to find the best deals for your travel route and schedule. These sites also offer coupons and discounts, making them a good alternative in finding cheap bus fares and tickets.

When using local city buses, you can usually get better deals when buying in bulk. If you use the city bus often, they normally have passes you can buy at a discount. Be sure to ask the driver about those.

One of my favorite places to ride a cheap bus is in Mexico. If you ever travel into Mexico away from the border, a bus is a great option. But, make sure you take the Executive Class bus or the highest class available. The price isn’t much higher than the lowest class bus, but the ride is first class. The first class buses in Mexico are better than any bus I’ve seen in the US. They show movies and have individual seats that recline. They also have lots of leg room, which is a big bonus for me since I’m over 6 feet tall.

So, next time you take a trip, use a cheap bus. You’ll actually save money and help reduce traffic on our overly congested roads.

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