Cheap Apartments – How to Find a Place to Live Within Your Budget

What is your largest expense each month? For the average person, the answer is housing. Therefore, in order to live a cheap living lifestyle, you will want to keep your housing costs as low as possible. Check out these ideas on how to find cheap apartments to meet your needs.

Many people will tell you not to rent an apartment. They will say that buying a house is the only smart thing to do. Well, that’s simply not true, and here are several reasons why:

  • Maintenance on a house can be a real pain (and costly).
  • You don’t always profit – Just look at the housing crunch today where many people have lost half the value of their homes.
  • Inconvenience when moving – If you’re a nomad, like me, it’s much easier to uproot from a rental than from something you own.
  • Not everyone qualifies for home loans.

So, if one of those statements applies to you and you are looking for cheap apartments, try these tips:

  1. Space – Figure out the space you need and keep it to a bare minimum. Typically, the smaller the apartment you choose, the lower the rent.
  2. Budget – Calculate how much you are able to spend for housing (including utilities) and search for cheap apartments in that range. Remember, a smaller place will usually save on energy costs.
  3. Public transportation – Try to find a place near a mass transit system. That way, if your car is broken down or you just feel environmentally conscious, you have the choice of taking a bus or subway.
  4. Only rent what you need – If you don’t play tennis or don’t exercise, it will save you money to rent at a place without tennis courts or fitness centers. Also, if a complex includes any additional luxury items that you don’t need, you can probably find a better deal elsewhere.
  5. Use an online apartment finder service – These sites have a wealth of information to assist in your hunt for cheap apartments. The site listed below, for example, has a huge database where you can search for an apartment in your area. You can search based on a wide number of options. In addition, you can request information from many different apartment complexes free of charge.

After you’ve narrowed your search down to several places, you should visit them all and make sure they are what you want. Check the neighborhoods and talk to police to find out if they will be a safe place to live. Cheap apartments won’t save you any money if you have to bring along a bodyguard.

If you know any other great ways to find cheap apartments, I’d love to hear about them. As usual, I wish for you to live cheap and prosper.

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