Cheap Amsterdam – How to Spend Less While Enjoying this Great City

Cheap Amsterdam – music to the ears of cash strapped and loaded tourists alike.  A visit to this quaint and charming location, popularly known as a haven for hedonistic pursuits and bohemian lifestyles, need not put a big dent in your pockets if you know the how, where, and when of cheap living.

This guide isn’t just about being cheap. It’s geared towards helping you maximize your budget so you can experience what Amsterdam has to offer without overdoing the spending.

Cheap Flights
Airfares are normally one of the biggest chunks in a traveler’s budget.  It is crucial to get the best deal possible, because how much you pay for your flight will determine how much cash you’ll have left to enjoy and explore your destination.

First, don’t book your flight just because the airline offers discounts.  You should check multiple booking sites and find out if there are even cheaper alternatives available.  Use online sites that check out various flights in just one click to help you save time and effort. Go here to help you find cheap flights.

Cheap Accommodation
We can’t call it cheap Amsterdam if there are no cheap lodgings around.  Like any other popular tourist destination, Amsterdam has adapted to the demand of backpackers and budget travelers.  Cheap accommodations such as hostels are common in the city. You can have a single room for as low as 20 euros or even much cheaper than that when demand is low. But, you need to remember that you get what you pay for.  The cheaper it gets, the simpler the rooms become.  It pays to check out several reviews online before you finally make a booking.  You may be tempted to book a cheaper hostel in the fringes of the city, but a 1 euro price difference may not be worth it if you have to travel an extra 30 minutes to and from the city center. If hostels aren’t your thing, you can look for cheap hotels here.

Free Thrills
You read that right, it’s free! There are a multitude of activities you can do in cheap Amsterdam without spending a penny.  If you are curious about how well accepted sex and prostitution is in the city, take a stroll in the red light district and see how the “goods” are freely displayed along the window streets.

If you are into the odds and ends of second hand shopping, check out the Waterlooplein Market and Albertcuyp Market – Amsterdam’s two biggest open air markets.  The sights and sounds are thrilling enough; you don’t have to buy anything.

If you just want to relax and listen to free concerts, visit Vondelpark and be one of the free spirits lounging about in the park.

You can also explore Amsterdam via a free ferry ride behind Centraal Station across the Het IJ.  This city is also known for its numerous canals; going up and down the river is an enjoyable ride.

Cheap Food
If you are worried about food, don’t be! You can eat your fill for less than 5 euros.  Febo, Maoz, and Albert Heijn are the magic words for cheap food.  If you only have 2 euros to spare, you can always order Pataat Frites or good old French fries almost anywhere around the city.

Oh, what about the weed?! You can buy it from any coffee shop for less than 5 euros; they also offer rolling papers for free!  Now that we’ve covered everything there is about cheap Amsterdam, go and enjoy this fantastic getaway.

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